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Sunday, 31st January 2010

Overview: Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources (OER) 2010

From a Blog Post:

Earlier this week we announced a reorganization of Creative Commons open education projects. The objective of this reorganization is to maximize CC’s impact by focusing our activities in support of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement where we have unique leverage and expertise — developing and explaining the legal and technical infrastructure required to make “open” work.

Today’s post lays out the details of our structure going forward and highlights some of our open education projects and goals for 2010. Apologies for the length of this post (and that of the previous announcement), but there’s much to cover. If you just want to hear about new developments as they happen please bookmark or subscribe to the Open Educational Resources tag on this blog or follow us on Facebook, Identi.ca, or Twitter.



Following is a sampling of open education projects CC is working on this year.


* Licensing and copyright for OER, including its relationship to minors. Especially as OER becomes more prevalent in K-12, consideration must be given to the licensing of works created by minors. Our goal is to provide materials which allow parents, teachers, and learners to use and contribute to OER with confidence by following common-sense best practices, keeping parents and teachers involved.
* Explanations of all elements of our core legal tools for an education audience.
* A Continuing Legal Education course module for lawyers on copyright and open licensing that addresses education-specific issues.
* Development of education use cases to inform the future development of our licenses and public domain tools.
* Further exploration of copyright exceptions & limitations (including fair use) and OER production.


* R&D on metadata, discoverability, provenance for OER — a mouthful, but some of the key opportunities for increased OER adoption and impact.
* Publications on known best practices for OER metadata.
* Continued development and support of DiscoverEd, pushing ahead the state of the art for OER search.
* Consulting on implementations of CC tools on key OER platforms.
* Convening further in-person and online summits and code sprints concerning OER, discoverability and CC tools.

More after a Click

Social, Media, Policy

* A new introductory video focusing on CC and OER.
* A new and continuously updated slide deck for anyone to use and modify for presentation on CC and OER.
* Further interviews and case studies highlighting the best and brightest implementations and implementers of CC for OER.
* Analysis of lessons learned from Open Access policy and possible translation to OER policy.
* Metrics regarding CC and OER adoption.
* Further analysis of the reasons for heterogeneous copyright policies in online education and a new push for CC adoption and interoperability.
* Materials for teaching about CC in curricula where open licensing and remix are instructive, e.g., journalism and arts education

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