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Sunday, 31st January 2010

Online Database: New from the FDA: Pet Food Recall Database

From an Article:

The FDA has launched a new,searchable database that includes 971 recalls since January 1, 2006. (The database only goes back four years. If you have pet food from before then, I urge you to throw it away now for reasons completely unrelated to recalls!)

The number 971 sounds quite scary indeed. If youíre thinking of circumventing this problem by making your petís food, remember that recalls of human food are stunningly common as well...

Access the New Pet Food Recall Database

Access the Human Food Recall Database

Source: Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM (Dogster/Catster)

Other Human Food Recalls Can be Found Here

Also, More RecallsHere No Food But Many Other Products, Some Data Back to 1973.


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