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Saturday, 30th January 2010

21 Volumes of Gandhi’s Work to be Digitised

From the Story:

Three veteran Gandhians have taken up the task of carrying out digitisation of 21 volumes of ‘The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi’ (CWMG), which are now out of print from a list of 79 volumes.

CWMG consists of a total of 100 volumes printed by Navjivan Publications. While 79 volumes were reprinted and regularly sold in the market, 27 volumes were never reprinted and had eventually become unavailable. However, Gujarat Vidyapith, with the help of the Central government brought out six of these “lost volumes”. Now, Gujarat Vidyapith, the institute founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, intends to repay its due to its founder by printing the remaining 21 volumes of CWMG.


The work on 21 volumes comprises 50,000 pages, which Iyengar and his team members aim to accomplish in three years. “We will be producing master copies of all 100 volumes of CWMG, which will be sent to the Central government along with the server. The objective of digitization is to preserve the original work of Mahatma Gandhi, which can not be edited,” said Dina Patel.

Source: Times of India


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