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Friday, 29th January 2010

New Video: "Digital Natives Explore Digital Preservation"

From the Web Site:

Today's teenagers depend on digital information for education and entertainment, but may not know that digital information can easily be lost. What do these "digital natives" think about the permanence or impermanence of digital content?

"Digital Natives Explore Digital Preservation" is the third release in the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program video series. [It runs 3:48 and a text transcript (pdf) is also available]. The video features students participating in a recent workshop at the Library of Congress, where staff from NDIIPP and the Educational Outreach Division discussed why digital preservation is important.

During the workshop, students were asked for their thoughts on the challenges of digital preservation. The video looks at how students answered three questions:

+ What should be saved?
+ Who is responsible for saving it?
+ What are the challenges in saving it?

The Library is interested in understanding how teens view digital information and their ideas about keeping digital content available for future generations. After all, they are the next generation responsible for caring for our digital heritage.

In addition to the previously released videos in the digital preservation series, the NDIIPP video collection features speakers and presentations.

Source: NDIIPP


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