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Thursday, 31st December 2009

Mobile Libraries: A "Library in Your Pocket" from the National Library Board, Singapore

One of the things we did a lot of in 2009 was sharing mobile web resources with you from a wide variety of libraries and data providers. We will be doing a lot more of it in 2010.

Here's one mobile web site (beta) that launched in early 2009 from the National Library Board, Singapore that we did not mention. It's called, "Library in Your Pocket." An excellent name, btw. You can access it at: http://m.nlb.gov.sg/ and it's visible on non-mobile browsers if you want to have a look.

From "Library in Your Pocket," You Can:

+ Run a Catalogue Search
+ Get Account Info
+ Learn About Library Events
+ Check Books on the New Arrivals Shelf
+ ASK! A Librarian
+ Browse National Library Board Blogs
+ Subscribe to e-notification Service (Reminders About Content You Have Checked Out)
+ Read a Selection Short Stories from Singapore
+ Contacts & Information
+ Feedback

What's Next?

The trial will run until January 2010 and depending on users' responses to this mobile service, NLB will chart the next phase of its development.

Finally, Elsevier's Library Connect (November, 2009 Issue) contains an excellent article about how the mobile site was developed.

Because we had observed customers jotting down catalog search results, a troublesome act when pen and paper weren’t at hand, we decided to include, in the mobile portal, the “SMS Me” feature. It allows customers, while searching our catalog, to send book details in the form of SMS (Short Message Service) messages to their mobile phones. Then, they can refer to the messages while searching for items on shelves. We also decided to include in the portal some reading material, library information and an inquiry service.


To date, the Library in Your Pocket has attracted an average of 4,000 unique visitors, 26,000 page views and 4,000 transactions per month. Also, 800 comments have arrived,


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