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Monday, 7th December 2009

Let's Review: All Sorts of New Features from Google Including Real-Time Search

Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land was at The Computer Museum today and has a play by play report of what went down at today's Google event. The Wall Street Journal (AllThingsD) was also was live blogging. So, we'll do a best of post and take highlights from both Danny and Kara.

Here are a few (just a few highlights):

1) Perhaps the biggest news that's getting a lot of attention right now is Google's entrance into real-time search. Danny already has a post with a few screen caps showing what it looks like.

Kara adds, "The latest results will be available on the search options and in preferences and will also be hyper-local and mobile on the iPhone and Android."

The feature will be coming online over the next few days. Here's a search for U.S. Senate. Note the "Latest results for U.S. Senate" link midway down the page. You should see a stream of result scroll the page down. You can also click the "Latest results..." link and get this page. Note how these results also contain news.

OK, real time search out of the way. What else?

5 Key Terms from the Google Future (SEL)

+ Modes (How People Search)
+ Media (What Appears in the Results, More than Just Links)
+ Language (Translation and Language)
+ Personalization
+ Progress

“We are a company that likes to launch early and often,” she said. She said Google has launched 33 search innovations in 67 days.--Marissa Mayer (ATD)

+ Voice Query in Real Time and In Various Languages. Say it in Your Language, Translate, Here What the Other Person Said in Your Language (Experimental feature)(SEL, ATD).

+ Google Voice Search Now Works in Mandarin and Japanese

+ Today, New version of Google Mobile Maps for Android (SEL)
Includes "Near Me Know" Feature (ATD)

+ Google Goggles, Search by Taking a Picture of Something, Like a Building or Billboard. It's Android Only for Now from Google Labs (SEL)

++ Note: There is a iPhone App that Allows You to Search Books and DVD's by Taking a Picture of Them. It's from Amazon.com and is Callled SnapTell (Free).

+ Google Trends is Now Out of Beta''

UPDATE: Greg Sterling has a good review of today's announcements.


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