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Monday, 30th November 2009

Libraries Consider Merging Despite Faculty Questions

From the Article:

At the beginning of December, the University will say goodbye to the Physical Sciences Library in its current form. But the facility — one of the victims of last semester’s 5 percent across-the-board budget cuts — may be the first of many library facilities that closes its doors.

Addressing head-on the need to trim its operating budget and respond to the changing publishing industry, the Libraries Task Force Report has recommended a number of bold and controversial changes to its current system that could leave the University libraries looking quite different in the coming years. Among other things, the report suggests closing some of the 18 existing library facilities in an effort to organize physical spaces around disciplines rather than colleges.

This suggestion represents an expansion of the model of closing the Physical Sciences Library, which last semester relocated its resources in order to save on operational costs. The report outlines a couple of scenarios, including possibly cutting the number of physical spaces in half, or in the most drastic case, reorganizing the library around four central spaces.

Source: Cornell Daily Sun


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