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Monday, 30th November 2009

Can Print, Technology Learn to Coexist?

From the Article:

Florence-Lauderdale Public Library has yet to stock electronic books, but it keeps one foot in print and one in technology. Mystery and evening book clubs meet there once a month, and circulation is up. Archives are digital.

"Everything we do pretty much has a technology element to it," said library director Nancy Sanford. "We use the Internet for finding new books and new authors and to read reviews."

Employees also seek other library Web sites for tips on promoting and attracting readers. So far, that's not a problem at the library. Circulation increased from 2008-09 by 21,510 to 283,999 for the 2009 fiscal year.

"Part of it is because of the economy," Sanford said. "Our services are free."

She's not worried about competition from e-readers or Web sites such as Google, which scan pages. She said the library holds possibilities not available online such as programs for infants.

Source: TimesDaily (Florence, AL)


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