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Sunday, 29th November 2009

Digitization: French University Brings Manuscripts of Stendhal Into the 21st Century

From the Article:

...Marie-Henri Beyle, or Stendhal as he came to be known, has become the latest of France's literary giants to be dragged into the 21st century courtesy of painstaking research and cutting-edge digital technology.

A new website launched by the Stendhal University of Grenoble and the city's public library aims to give the novelist a new lease of life by putting his often barely legible manuscripts online next to scrupulous new transcripts and annotations by literary scholars.

So far around 500 pages of Stendhal's lesser-known works are available for viewing at manuscrits-de-stendhal.org, with extracts from the author's reflections on travel, literature and philosophy as well as his personal correspondence forming the basis of the fledgling database.


In April, 4,500 pages of his 1857 masterpiece Madame Bovary were put online after volunteers across the world retranscribed the entire work. Initially envisaged as a research resource, the finished site, www.bovary.fr, brought a new dimension to the enduring classic.

Source: The Guardian


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