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Wednesday, 4th November 2009

Nice Job: MSN Goes Live with a Preview Version of Completely Redesigned Home Page

Direct to MSN Home Page Preview

Overall, a much improved clean look to the page and after only a few minutes on the site we found it easy to navigate.

If you want to compare the old design with the new one, here are the links:

Old Design ||| New Design

Fast Facts (via the MSN Blog)

Most significant redesign in 10 years

Cut clutter and reduced links on home page by 50%

Neighborhood news and video is part of the home page

Cool! Easy access from the homepage to Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live services

One of the options in the settings (top right on page) allows you to change the font size

Other Notes

A Bing search box is at the top of every page.

Other tabs on the home page include:

+ Movies
+ Maps
+ Jobs
+ Popular Searches
+ Shopping

News Content is divided into categories:
News, Entertainment Sports, Money, Lifestyle
Cursor over any of them and you'll see more options (aka things to do)

Selecting "More" offers numerous additional features including video, real estate, and shopping

Access to the "Local Edition" is located above the green bar (right side of page).You'll find news, a clickable map, a local directory, video (if available) and lottery numbers.

Greg Sterling from SEL offers more facts analysis.

45% of Bing's traffic comes via the MSN portal

The new MSN will roll out globally over the next several months. Interestingly the look of the MSN portal may be slightly different country to country, depending on variables unique to each local market. Microsoft also says that it will bring the new MSN experience to mobile devices as well.

Source: MSN Blog, Search Engine Land

Direct to MSN Home Page Preview


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