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Friday, 30th October 2009

British Library Welcomes Government's Copyright Roadmap

From the Announcement:

The British Library has welcomed initiatives to make copyright fit for the digital age, announced yesterday by Lord Mandelson and IP Minister David Lammy. As one of the UK's leading research institutions, the Library has long argued that educators and researchers will profit from the resolution of issues on copyright and improved access to research material; and that these changes will boost the UK knowledge economy.

+ This is welcome recognition that the issue of Orphan Works is a vital stepping stone in the copyright roadmap. Allowing Orphan Works to be used without fear of liability will free up one of the obstacles that the creative industries face on a day-to-day basis.

+ The Library also welcomes and looks forward to the results on the SABIP study on the relationship between copyright and contract law to be published at the end of 2009. A recent review by the British Library showed that 80% of scholarly information will be digital by 2020. Research is built upon clarity of access to and reuse of copyright material – something that contract by contract differing access and reuse provisions does not provide. It is imperative that limitations and exceptions that do provide a common base-line for access and reuse can not be undermined by contract law.

+ Exploring the difference between commercial and non-commercial intent and use is also welcomed by the British Library. In line with recent statements from the European Commission this will potentially facilitate mass digitisation of historical material that has no commercial value, but of high academic importance that sits in Libraries, Museums and Archives.

CEO of the British Library, Dame Lynne Brindley said: “The Library welcomes these proposals which confirm the importance of the creative sector to the UK economy. The Library believes that greater access to our increasingly digital collections will allow innovation, education and research to flourish even further within the knowledge economy.”

Dame Lynne continued: “The Library also welcomes the policy areas outlined in David Lammy's Written Ministerial Statement, Copyright for the Digital Age. Providing access to Orphan Works and conducting a review of the relationship between copyright and contract law strike a chord with the British Library's own principles on copyright law. Such initiatives are right for the digital age and will ensure that we keep pace with technological advancements and the needs of today's modern researcher.”

The post continues with the The British Library's Principles on Copyright Law

Source: British Library

See Also: David Lammy's Written Ministerial Statement, Copyright for the Digital Age (via TheyWorkForYou.com)

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