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Friday, 30th October 2009

New ELI 7 Things... Brief Explores Google Wave

Access the Document (2 pages; PDF)

From the Summary:

Google Wave is a web-based application that represents a rethinking of electronic communication. Users create online spaces called “waves,” which include multiple discrete messages and components that constitute a running, conversational document. Users access waves through the web, resulting in a model of communication in which rather than sending separate copies of multiple messages to different people, the content resides in a single space. Wave offers a compelling platform for personal learning environments because it provides a single location for collecting information from diverse sources while accommodating a variety of formats, and it makes interactive coursework a possibility for nontechnical students. Wave challenges us to reevaluate how communication is done, stored, and shared between two or more people.

Source: EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

A Brief Comment From Gary:
I've been using Google Wave for about a month and I'm still unsure if this is going to be the next big thing. It's a potentially powerful tool and might be extremely useful where and when instant collaboration needs to take place between people at different locations. Yes, many of these things can be done with any IM client and that's how I think of Google Wave as of today (remember this is not even a beta release, it's a preview) as IM on steroids. If developers are able to integrate compelling and useful applications into the Google Wave service, then it might be a home run. The other challenge Google could face if they expect the masses to use Wave is the learning curve. For many potential users, it will not be as easy to ue as is, let's say, Google search is. Just type and press search. There are a lot of bells and whistles and without using some of its many features these users might stay with tools they are familiar with like IM, SMS, e-mail, and/or one of the many collaboration tools the're already familiar with. Of course, for many companies who pay for this type of service, the price point, free, might be a reason to retrain staff on how to best use the power of Google Wave.


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