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Friday, 30th October 2009

Open Book Alliance Co-Founder Peter Brantley Visits Spain to Talk About the Alliance and Google Book Search

Brantley is attending meetings in Spain and discussing the OBA and Google Book Search. He's been interviewed by two newsapers, El Pais and Publico.es.

Here are links to both interviews in Spanish along with mechanically generated translations from two services.

1) "Google no ve libros, se limita a ver datos" (via El Pais)

+ Translation by Google: "Google does not see books, is limited to viewing data" (via El Pais)

+ Translation by Systran: "Google does not see books, is limited to see data” (via El Pais)

2) El bibliotecario que se enfrentó a Google (via Público.es)

+ Translation by Systran: "The Librarian Who Faced Google" (via Público.es)

+ Translation by Google: "The librarian who challenged Google" (via Público.es)


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