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Tuesday, 27th October 2009

Online Audio Available: The Judaica Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University

From the Blog Post:

Between the early 1990s and 2002, Florida Atlantic University's Wimberly Library acquired about a thousand recordings of Jewish music. In 2002 that collection became the foundation for the Judaica Music Rescue Project, founded by Nathan Tinanoff, with the goal of creating a central repository for Judaic sound recordings. In 2005 the project was renamed the Judaica Sound Archives, with Mr. Tinanoff as director. It now contains about 58,000 recordings.

The post continues with a joint interview with Q & A style interview with assistant director Maxine Schackman and Nathan Tinanoff.

We learn that 25% of the archives has been digitized and 45% of the digitized material is available online.

Q. How do people gain access to and use the collection online?

A. Because so many of the recordings in the JSA collection are under copyright protection, it was important to develop special software so that researchers, teachers, and students of Judaic music, history, and culture could have wider access than the general public. Digitized music files (both under copyright and in the public domain) on the JSA-RS [the Judaica Sound Archives Research Station] can be heard in their entirety. Record-label scans and album-cover scans are also provided. Music cannot be downloaded from JSA-RS.

Direct Link to the Archives
You can browse (and then listen online) to web accessible content by:
+ Performers
+ Record Labels
+ Album
+ Song List
+ 78-rpm List

See Also: Learn Where You Can Find a Judaica Sound Archive Research Station
There are locations in the US, Canada, and the U.K.

See Also: The Judaica Sound Archives Blog

Source: Wired Campus
Hat Tip: P.W.


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