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Wednesday, 30th September 2009

Data Mining the Mint.com Demographic

Data Mining the Mint.com Demographic

Last week we reported on Intuit's acquisition of personal finance site Mint.com. Now Mint Founder Aaron Patzer is lifting the curtain on a few fantastic new features--for businesses.

The most significant: Mint is now aggregating data from its 1.5 million users and mining it for personal spending trends. To demonstrate the concept, Mint launched its Trends page three weeks ago with some teaser data, like graphs about the decline of the newspaper industry and the most frugal cities in America.

Right now, access to the aggregate data, which is anonymized, is closed to the public. "Eventually, we'll do this for researchers," says Patzer, who hopes to create a streamlined for-pay service allowing businesses to mine the spending habits of the Mint demographic. For now, he says, Mint is open to running custom trends research on a case-by-case basis; if you're interested, you can contact him at data[at]mint.com to get started.

Source: Fast Company


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