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Monday, 31st August 2009

Talk About Mobile Libraries? Houston: No parking? Librarians will deliver to your car

From the Article:

There'll be no carhops on roller skates. And if you're hankering for a burger and fries, forget it. But if it's food for the mind you crave — books, music or movies — staffers at some of the Houston Public Library's most congested branches will be happy to deliver your order right to your car.

The library's new curbside service, HPL To Go, is being tested at the Looscan Neighborhood Library and the McGovern-Stella Link Library. If trials go well, the service will be extended to other “parking challenged” branches.

HPL To Go joins Info Quest, a program that allows users to text message queries to reference librarians, as the latest additions to the public library's growing roster of services designed to engage 21st century library patrons.

Source: Houston Chronicle

See Also: Last Week We Posted About Library Text Messaging Services in San Jose and the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

See Also: Here's a List of Other Libraries Participating in the InfoQuest Text Messaging Service
Hat Tip: Mobile Libraries


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