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Monday, 31st August 2009

Public Libraries and eBooks Get Some Media Attention

It's always great to read when the press spends some time writing and/or talking about resources that are available from their local libraries.

In this article, Larry Magid, discusses ebooks and other multimedia materials that local public libraries offer at little or no charge. You'll read about OverDrive, Sony, and the Amazon Kindle.

It's great to see this type of coverage from such a well-known tech writer, tv. and radio reporter.

OK, I'll be a stickler. A quick mention of the thousands of ebooks* NetLibrary provides to many libraries (including public libraries) would have been nice. But, let's not get to greedy. (-:

* At the beginning of August, NetLibrary passed the 200,000 book mark.

Source: San Jose Mercury News


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