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Friday, 31st July 2009

State of Washington Signs Up to Use Bing

Even in the lead of a story about Microsoft/Bing, we have great example of "googled" used as a verb to describe all web search.

From the Article:

The State of Washington has googled its way to Bing. The authorities noted that after considering various search engines available on the market to power the search of their official website they ended up choosing Bing. Google and Yahoo were also candidates for integration, but the State of Washington made the decision to go with the latest search engine release from Microsoft. Bing was introduced at the end of May 2009, with the rollout complete by early June. Bing will power search on the Access Washington website.

Btw, it's worth noting the Washington is home of Microsoft. Another article from TechFlash about the State of Washington selection of Bing has a bit more info.

"Of course we like that it's a local provider," said state DIS spokeswoman Joanne Todd, "but the bottom line was to get the best search engine we can get, and Bing was the best solution."

Todd said Bing is providing the search function to the state internet portal for free.

Direct to Access Washington

Source: Softpedia


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