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Tuesday, 30th June 2009

New Podcast: Effective Practice in a Digital Age

From the Summary:

In a world where we are surrounded by technology, where boundaries between our personal and professional lives merge, JISC’s e-Learning team have been looking at how to support teachers, researchers and academics with best practice advice and guidance for working in a ‘digital age’.

In this podcast with Rebecca O’Brien, Sarah Knight, a JISC e-Learning programme manager, shares the success of the team’s Effective Best Practice guide series and launches a new publication ‘Effective Practice in a Digital Age’. This new guide puts the teacher and learning at its centre and takes those new and experienced in using Web 2.0 technologies on a journey to enhance their practices and illustrates through case studies how practitioners are opening up their practice and enhancing the learner experience as well as their own.

Direct to Podcast
It runs about 19 minutes.

Source: JISC


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