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Thursday, 30th April 2009

Video: Harvard Law School Presentation about Wolfram|Alpha Now Archived and Available Online

Earlier this week Steven Wolfram gave a live demo of the soon to launch Wolfram|Alpha "knowledge engine" at Harvard University's Law School. This is a must watch video of the nearly two hour presentation.

Last night, I was included in demo (thanks Danny) that Mr. Wolfram gave about this new service. We'll have more to say next week but for now please know that in our view this is truly a wonderful (amazing) product. It's one all information professionals will likely be using for years to come. The first fact/answer/knowledge engine that really works (for some BUT not all information needs) is just a few weeks away. When so much we come across doesn't lives up to the hype it receives, this new product, in our view, exceeds the attention it has been getting.

Watch this video and see several examples (tip of the iceberg stuff) of what Wolfram|Alpha tool can do.

More to come next week.

See Also: Wolfram|Alpha Blog and Twitter Feed Debut as New “Knowledge Engine” is Demonstrated


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