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Wednesday, 29th April 2009

UK: JISC project looks at eBook usage

From a Summary (via OCLC):

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) has collaborated with 127 universities in the U.K. since 2007 to study eBook usage by students and teachers. Analysis is ongoing. Among the preliminary findings from the projectís user surveys and server log evaluations:

+ 64.2 percent of students use eBooks and 52.3 percent obtain them through their university library as opposed to free via the Internet, from a friend or colleague or purchasing it.

+ Most students (57.3 percent) read by dipping in and out of several chapters and spend 11 minutes or longer (75.7 percent) reading an eBook on the screen in one session.

+ Well over one-third of students (42.2 percent) had consulted at least three eBook titles in the month prior to the survey.

+ Only 26.2 percent of university teachers do not recommend or actively encourage their students to use eBook resources.

Direct to Complete Report (8 pages; PDF)

Source: JISC (via OCLC Abstracts)


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