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Friday, 30th January 2009

8 apps that help you chat across IM services

From the InfoWorld Article:

The world of instant messaging is crowded and becoming even more so. It began with ICQ (does anybody use it today?), which was closely followed by AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger . More recently, this trio is being challenged by other IM chat protocols, like Google Talk, and even by social networks like MySpace and Facebook , which have their own instant messaging features.

What this all adds up to is ... a huge mess. To use any of these IM services in their native formats, you have to download and install a different chat program.

That's where instant messaging applications like Digsby, Pidgin, or Trillian come in. These chat apps -- which can be described as cross-platform or multiprotocol IM apps -- support more than one instant messaging network. Instead of having the AIM and Yahoo Messenger chat programs running on your computer at the same time, you can use just one application to access your accounts from these two IM networks.

Source: InfoWorld


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