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Thursday, 29th January 2009

New: The Citizen Journalist's Guide To Open Government

From the News Release:

"The Citizen Journalistís Guide to Open Government," an extensive multimedia e-learning module to help new media makers understand how to obtain public records and get into public meetings, launched today on the Knight Citizen News Network (www.kcnn.org). The guide features a unique interactive map that tells citizens how they can locate open-government information on each of the 50 state Web sites. Easy-to-find information on either the Governorís or State Attorney Generalís Web site gets a thumbs-up ranking. Hard-to-find information earns a thumbs down. Users can:

* Obtain local, state and federal government records.
* Appeal when a records request is denied.
* Take steps if they are excluded from a meeting.
* Learn whatís allowed in their state.
* Understand access to court proceedings.
* Link to more information.

Direct to The Citizen Journalist's Guide To Open Government

Source: J-Lab

Hat Tip: S.B.


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