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Thursday, 29th January 2009

National Website Seeks to Track Unknown Telemarketing Calls

From the Article:

An online database has been established at www.800notes.com to help phone service customers track unsolicited calls from unknown phone numbers. The goal of the Web site is to provide the public with a tool for compiling questionable phone numbers and sharing information about those numbers.

"Many phone numbers used by the telemarketing industry, collection agencies, non-profits, even your bank, not mention con-artists, are unpublished," Julia Forte, Web site co-creator said. "So, the idea is to let the public build a database of such phone numbers. If someone wants my business, I want to know who they are."

The Web site can be accessed and used free of charge as it is supported by advertising. The service covers the United States as well as Canada. Success of the Web site relies on input by members of the public who have received unwanted or questionable phone calls.

Direct to 800Notes

Source: Lake County Record-Bee


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