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Wednesday, 28th January 2009

Lists & Rankings: Top Ten Jury Verdicts of 2008

Top Ten Jury Verdicts of 2008

After steadily declining for years, the size of the Top Ten Jury Verdicts rose dramatically in 2008.

The top verdict in 2008 was $388 million, a significant increase over 2007's top award of $109 million. The average award increased dramatically as well, driven by three verdicts of well over $100 million including one of nearly $400 million. The average award for 2007 was just shy of $51 million, while the average award for 2008 more than doubled, to $112 million.

The year's top verdict was awarded to a 70-year-old inventor who claims he was hounded by California tax authorities for the past 15 years. And five of the Top Ten Verdicts stemmed from personal injury cases, including $85 million for a medical school student who was badly injured after falling into a manhole and $84 million for an elderly man struck by a U-Haul with a faulty parking brake. Interestingly, there were no medical malpractice cases in the Top Ten.

Source: Lawyers USA


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