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Wednesday, 26th November 2008

USAID Announces the Launch of GlobalDevelopmentCommons.net

USAID Announces the Launch of GlobalDevelopmentCommons.net

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is pleased to announce the launch of www.GlobalDevelopmentCommons.net, a website that brings international development and technology innovations together. GlobalDevelopmentCommons.net seeks to foster ideas that add value by demonstrating how technology innovations can be applied to international development efforts. Created to support USAID's Global Development Commons initiative, GlobalDevelopmentCommons.net complements USAID's www.usaid.gov/commons site.

The Global Development Commons initiative seeks innovations that to make knowledge more accessible and affordable to help people in developing countries solve social and economic problems. The Commons seeks to catalyze the international development community to become more open and collaborative through information and communication technologies.

The site profiles successful applications of technology that improve access to information in developing countries. For example, it features EpiSurveyor, a free, open-source software suite that enables people to easily and quickly gather health data through cell phones and other handheld devices. It empowers health practitioners and citizens with the tools they need to collect and analyze the data themselves. The featured projects take a Commons-like approach to making information more accessible and international development more efficient, inclusive, and sustainable.

Source: U.S. Agency for International Development


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