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Tuesday, 25th November 2008

City Crime Rankings 2008-2009

City Crime Rankings 2008-2009
From press release (PDF; 132 KB):

With the annual publication that brings the discussion of crime in U.S. cities and metropolitan areas into the national spotlight, CQ Press has released City Crime Rankings 2008-2009: Crime in Metropolitan America.

Ramapo, New York tops the list for the first time with the lowest city crime rate ranking in the United States, while at the opposite end, New Orleans, Louisiana has the highest. The new edition of City Crime Rankings features a significantly expanded introduction by criminologist Rachel Boba (Florida Atlantic University) that explains the formula used to compile the rankings and offers new insight into the methodology used by the editors. Dr. Boba also offers statistical analysis of the rankings, a comparative analysis of cities and metropolitan areas, and additional information and caveats regarding the analyzed data.

Ramapo earned the lowest city crime rate ranking with only 688 incidences of reported crime and no murders in 2007. Joining Ramapo among the lowest rankings are Mission Viejo California, which had the lowest ranking last year; Lake Forest, Chino Hills, and Thousand Oaks, California; and Newton, Massachusetts. New Orleans has the highest crime rate ranking, with 19,034 incidences of reported crime, 209 murders, and a percent change in violent crime rate of 199.1% across the past year. Behind New Orleans with the highest crime rate ranking are Camden, New Jersey; Detroit, Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri; and Oakland, California. The Logan region of Utah and Idaho tops the list for lowest crime rate ranking among U.S. metropolitan areas, while the Pine Bluff, Arkansas region has the nationís highest crime rate ranking for metropolitan areas.

Crime rankings by city, metro area. Full publication available for purchase.

Source: CQ Press


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