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Monday, 29th September 2008

Resource of the Week: Lists & Rankings

Resource of the Week: Lists & Rankings
By Shirl Kennedy, Senior Editor

Everyone seems to love lists and rankings. There is perennial interest in biggest, richest, highest rated, most popular, etc., etc. Of course, some of these compilations are highly subjective, e.g. The Top 18 New Money Management Sites. But many of these do have reference or research value, such as U.S. Census Bureau lists, e.g., Fastest Growing Large Cities in the United States.

Here on ResourceShelf, we've kept track of Lists & Rankings for as long as we've been in existence. (seven-plus years, if you're counting). This has its own category here, if you haven't already noticed. Half a dozen recent postings:
+ The 50 Richest Members of Congress
+ Largest US Bankruptcies
+ America’s Top Wired Colleges, 2008 Edition
+ 2008-2009 U.S. Television Market Rankings (PDF)
+ America’s Hardest Drinking Cities
+ UK Top Consumer Brands

Special issues of magazines often contain valuable list/ranking information that would otherwise be difficult to find -- i.e., for specific industries, professions, etc. Gary's original List of Lists, now maintained by Special Issues, is a good place to start looking. We also like the James J. Hill Reference Library's Special Issues Database. Once you find what you need, you can search for it online or in your local library, or order it from Hill's document delivery service. (We featured Hill Library’s BizToolKit as a Resource of the Week last August.)


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