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Wednesday, 30th July 2008

Free Internet proves popular with troops

Free Internet proves popular with troops

A pair of Internet cafes serving 15,000 U.S. troops in Iraq saw their typical usage double when the service provider waived fees for the July 4 holiday, increasing to about 4,100 log-ins on Independence Day.

The two CamoCafes were established about a year ago by Arkel International of Baton Rouge, La., a logistics, construction and support contractor operating in Iraq. They have 80 desktop PC kiosks and also support wireless access for laptops. Arkel has the contract with the bases to provide the service and Single Digits Inc. of Manchester, N.H., provides the infrastructure and technical support.

The connections can be used for videoconferencing, e-mail, Web access or any other Internet service.

Source: Government Computer News


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