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Thursday, 29th May 2008

Take the Flickr Search Challenge

Via an email:

With the CLEF Flickr Challenge, now you can prove that you are also a great searcher in the context of a challenging retrieval task, where you have to find images without a-priori knowledge of the language(s) used to annotate them. You can go straight to:


and start testing your search skills.

The challenge is simple: you will be given raw (unannotated) images, and your goal is to find them in the Flickr.com image repository, using textual search facilities. The more images you find (and the less hints you need), the better you score in the ranking.

The Flickr challenge is an initiative of the interactive CLEF (http://www.clef-campaign.org) track. Visit http://nlp.uned.es/iCLEF for details.

The (anonymized) logs of your search activity will contribute to a log analysis task in the context of interactive cross-language search studies.


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