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Wednesday, 30th January 2008

Jacso on Amazon.com's MP3 Download Service

Dr. J. reviews what Amazon.com is up to in terms of music downloads (cost, DRM, etc.) and compares it to what's available from iTunes, emusic, Napster, Yahoo Music Unlimited, Rhapsody and others. He also notes in the opening paragraph that their are probably, "ten times as many —arguably— illegal sites." He summarizes his review with the following:

Amazon MP3 download store offers 3 million legal, unprotected, high-quality tracks for 89¢-99¢ a piece, and albums from $6 to $11, directly in MP3 format. All these are yours to play and burn without the usual limitations imposed by Digital Rights Management software, and without any membership fees. However, the search module needs to be improved.

Source: Gale.com


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