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Tuesday, 25th December 2007

Beta Test Microsoft Live Health (aka HealthVault) via Link on Live.com Search Homepage

Beta Microsoft Live Health (aka HealthVault) with Direct Link Live.com Beta Section
If you review the Live.com "More" section (below the search box) you'll now see a link to Live Health. It provides access to the often discussed MS HealthVault (for personal health info) along with info on many health topics. The link is present on the U.S. version but not on the UK or Canadian versions.

Direct to the Interface Here

Here's a sample search for a common search and health issue: Diabetes
You'll find content from the 'open web," and MedlinePlus along with sponsored links and books for sale from Amazon.com. You'll also see how you can store and visualize your own health info using the MS HealthVault. Links to Live Health are also triggered on Live.com results pages as seen here.

What do others offer? Here are a few examples for the search Diabetes:

++ RevolutionHealth/Kosmix
Look for refinements in the left rail including:
+++ Drugs and Treatments
+++ Videos
+++ Clinical Trials
Revolution also offers services to store personal health data.

++ Google
Refinements to help focus search.

++ Yahoo
Leads user to Yahoo Health.

++ Ask.com*
Health Smart Answers with content from numerous sources including Healthline. Zoom Related Results (left rail) are also present. Expansions include:
+++ Hypoglycemia
+++ Insulin
+++ Diabetic Recipes

See Also: Other Beta Tests Found in MS Live Search "Other" Section:
+ Academic (Beta)
+ Book Search (Beta)
+ Macros
+ Feeds (Beta)
+ Local
Notice the directory structure on the Local home page.
+ QnA (Beta)
+ Classifieds

* Gary is Director of Online Information Services at Ask.com

See Also:
Web experts weigh value of 'trustmarks' for health sites

A seal of approval on a health information Web site should not automatically instill consumer confidence, according to experts who discussed the role of such "trustmarks" at a Health Improvement Institute workshop Monday.

Whatever rating "you come up with has to be page-specific, rather than just domain-specific," Tom Eng, president and founder of health search engine Healia, said in explaining the difficulty of putting trustmarks on health sites.

The Good Housekeeping seal of approval does not apply to information on the Internet, despite such claims as "certified by the American Heart Association" or "dermatologist recommended," many of the participants agreed.

The dialogue regarding site ratings -- part of a daylong workshop on the quality of health information on the Internet -- was intended to stimulate ideas for policy-making. Participants included representatives from Consumer Reports WebWatch, Indiana University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology and WebMD.

Source: Government Executive


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