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Friday, 30th November 2007

Ask.com's Interactive Maps and Dynamic Directions Come to Ask UK

Ask.com info follows. As we do with most Ask posts, click to read the whole post. It involves Ask UK and maps. Gary is Director of Online Information Resources at Ask.com

A very quick note to point out that Ask Maps including both walking and driving directions are now available on Ask UK for the United Kingdom. The same services are also available for Ireland. The service works just like the Ask.com (U.S.) version.

Simply enter an address, city name, post code, etc. and click. You can also find a spot on a map, right click, and select "Add Location." No typing required The location will be found, given a number (1-10) and entered into a location box in the left margin. Want to tweak a location? Easy, simply drag the "pin" to a new spot or click and remove it. The location will dynamically change along the directions. Here's an in-depth set of directions. Aerial imagery is also available.

Many ResourceShelf readers are heading to London for Online Information 2007 next week. We hope these maps will make getting around the city a bit easier now and in the future for both natives and visitors alike. Have a great conference.

Here's an example of an Ask UK Map in action.

Btw, London maps include the location of Underground/Tube stops.


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