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Thursday, 29th November 2007

Stats, Graphs, Maps, and Tables: Time Magazine On Life In the U.S.A.

American Stats 2007
We post a lot of statistics on ResourceShelf and DocuTicker and today we share some stats from a recent issue of Time, full of interesting stats (often in an interactive format) about life in the United States. Here's what you'll find:

+ Map: The Morning Rush (Commuting in America)
National and for some specific cities.

+ Interactive List: Happiness on the Job
Numerous occupations.

+ Interactive Table: Free Time
Enter in your numbers and then click to compare with others. Also a chart of how much of various items are purchased on an average day. Examples?
++++ 160,968 bottles of Absolut Vodka
++++ 58,863,999 Fresh Eggs

+ Interactive Maps: Annual Alcohol Consuption
++ All Types
++ Beer
++ Wine
++ Spirits
Click on a state or DC for specific numbers.

Want more stats? The October 30, 2006 issue of Time was also full of interesting stats about the U.S.

+ What We Buy (PDF)

+ Map: Denomination Nation (Religion)

+ Graphic: How We View God

+ Map: This is Where We Live (Roll Over Map for Stats)

+ Interactive Graphic: Who We Are, Faces in the Crowd

+ Table: How We Spend Our Leisure Time

Source: Time


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