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Thursday, 29th November 2007

AOL Begins Public Beta of New Finance, Investing Site, Uses Relegence Technology and Content from Hemscott, Interactive Data, Morningstar & Thomson Financial

AOL Starts New Finance, Investing Site (via Baltimore Business Journal)
An in-depth tour is available from AOL here. So far, very impressed.

+ Direct to the site
++ Access delayed quotes*** and news for companies in the US, UK, and Canada
*** 15 minutes NASDAQ, 20 minutes NYSE

++ Database is powered by Relegence (3,000 hand-picked sources), a financial news and real time info provider AOL acquired last November. Example of real time headlines.
Note the option to view all sources or by type:
++ News & Analysis
++ Trade Publications
++ Regional
++ Press Releases
++ Blogs

+ Price Alerts Delivered via Mail, Mobile, IM if user has AOL account (free).

+ Executive Profiles. Example

Historical Stock Prices Are Downloadable in 4 formats:
++ Tab seperated values (*.tvs)
++ Comma seperated values (*.csv)
++ Quicken (*.qif)
++ Metastock (*.asc)

++ Automatic "heat indicators" notifying users when a stock is driving news coverage.

++ Interactive charts that offer decades of price data, comparison functionality and more.

++ In-depth research data, including financial statements, mutual fund ratings, peer comparisons, insider transactions, SEC filings, earnings information, analyst recommendations, research reports and more from Hemscott, Interactive Data, Morningstar, Thomson Financial, and others.

++ Stock prices that automatically update without having to refresh the page

AOL is promising even richer data for public companies, private companies, and mutual funds in upcoming releases.

Want to compare with another finance site? Take a Look at the Dow Jones/WSJ Markets Data Center

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