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Thursday, 15th November 2007

Yahoo's Next* Blog is Back Online With Three Posts and a List of Projects

We posted a few week's ago about the Yahoo Next blog offline and being overhauled.

In the past few days, the blog came back online complete with three posts.

Post 1) From Arlo Rose, who came to Yahoo after Konfabulator was acquired by Y! Rose says that the Next blog is where they will share news of "winning hacks."

Post 2) William White on Discovering new artists using music blogs, a Facebook app.

Post 3) An introduction to the Yahoo Brickhouse.

In less than two years, Yahoo!'s Hack program alone has generated over 1,400 ideas in various stages of completion. In addition, Yahoo has an internal suggestion board with over 1,600 concepts, and 250 or so ideas have been submitted directly to Brickhouse over the last six months. This doesn’t take into account new technologies and products constantly being churned out in the business units. So, there's no shortage of good ideas.

To manage this abundance, Brickhouse operates like a venture fund. There’s an investment thesis, deal flow to manage, and investment criteria to apply -- all within a portfolio framework. People pitch us ideas; we pick the exciting ones and flesh them out with the "founder." We brainstorm to overcome issues and mitigate risks, and our output is a summary startup business plan.

See Also: The Blog Also Lists Projects Built by the Next Team

+ Kickstart

Yahoo! Kickstart is a professional network with a distinct purpose: to connect college students, recent grads, professionals and alumni to discover internships and jobs, or get career advice and mentorship. Kickstart allows you to create a professional profile, browse company profiles and network with peers, professors, alumni and potential employers.

+ Music Blogs (A Facebook App)

+ HackDay TV

+ TagMaps

TagMaps is a toolkit that gives you new ways to visualize text on geographic maps.

+ Map Mixer

There are thousands of maps out there that provide unique details about any given destination. MapMixer is a new site that combines those maps with Yahoo! Maps to give you a better view of the world.

+ ZoneTag

ZoneTag is a research prototype from the scientists at Yahoo! Research Berkeley that aims to leverage context from cell phones to create new mobile photography experiences.

+ Zurfer

Zurfer is a location-based photo browser for your shiny phone.

+ Pipes

+ Zync

Zync is a plug-in for Yahoo! Messenger, first developed as a research prototype from Yahoo! Research Berkeley. Zync lets you watch videos with your friends, in sync and in real time. Instead of just IMing URLs and waiting for your friends to watch, Zync allows you to chat about a video (pausing, jumping […]

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