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Tuesday, 30th October 2007

Briefs: Updated/Enhanced Publication: Middle East and North Africa Research Resources; Google Talking To Verizon

Review: MS Live Search makes 411 easy (via RCR News)
This is a review by Matt Kapko of 1-800-CALL-411 directory assistance developed by MS and Tellme Networks (also owned by MS). TellMe Networks at 1-800-555-Tell also offers directory listings as well as news, entertainment (showtimes, by movie tickets, etc.), sports scores, news, and more.

New Publication: Middle East and North Africa Research Resources

The newly published FUMSI Report, Middle East and North Africa Research Resources, offers a convenient introduction to products and resources in and about the region on a variety of important topics, including industry information, company information, news, consumer markets and more.

+ Google Talking to Verizon About Phone (via MarketWatch.com)
Yesterday, we posted about a possible announcement coming soon from Google about the release of a phone. That story mentioned that T-Mobile might be the likely partner. Today, another story. This time the report is that Google is talking with Verizon. Yesterday's story also mentioned that Google was talking to a variety of European carriers including France Telecom. However, France Telecom told Reuters today that the companies are NOT in talks.

+ Washington Post and Become.com Partner on Comparison Shopping Section

+ Link Searching at Live is Back (via SES)

+ Searching For The Best Engine (via Newsweek)


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