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Thursday, 25th October 2007

Milestones: NewsNow Breaks 30,000 Sources Barrier

We've been writing about NewsNow since we started ResourceShelf. It's one of our favorite news sites. Though better news search tools exist, for overall breadth of sources (mainstream news and some hand selected blogs), we especially like NewsNow -- along with Topix -- as news/current awareness tools.

Specifically, we're talking about NewsNow's free service.

If you subscribe to their fee-based current awareness service, searching is much more robust than found with the free version. The free version only allows you to search a single word. That's when Topix and it's case sensitive searching and interactive graphs become essential tools. Remember, no search tool is perfect and many other excellent news resources are out there but NewsNow and Topix top our list but individually and used together.

The free version of NewsNow is MORE THAN worthy of your attention and use:
+ Over 30,000 sources organized into hundreds of topics (aka newsfeeds)

Here are a few examples:

+ Regions/Countries: Africa
+ American Football
+ Tourism Industry
+ Airbus A380

+ Each source is marked with flag of country where source originates and also notes if it's a blog and/or a site that requires registration.
+ Pages update every five minutes.
+ Pages will auto-refresh every five minutes
+ Stories identified by country of origin with flag icon next to headline.

+ Newsfeeds are found in the left margin. One for most countries, many industries, etc.
Two special feeds are available
+ Live Feed
Real time access to every story as it enters the database

+ ReleaseWire
Real-time feed of news releases dealing with IT.


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