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Wednesday, 24th October 2007

Two More Sources for Cached Web Pages: ZoomInfo and DiplomacyMonitor.com

We've written several posts about large web archive projects including:
+ The Wayback Machine
+ Archive-It Site Specific Archives
+ The WebHarvest Project (from NARA and the IA, terabytes of data) and many others.

We've also mentioned DiplomacyMonitor.com, a real time feed of documents from governments from around the globe and we've also talked about ZoomInfo, a website that finds and takes pages about people and creates profiles/dossiers about people using an algorithm and open web content. Caveat emptor, of course. For example, Gary's profile based on over 900 open web pages says he was a past director at Google. Nope, that's never been the case. It also says he works for a company in Lawrence, KS that has the Ask.com (search engine) URL but is actually named Ask S.A. and sells materials for RFID systems. Nevertheless, ZoomInfo can in some cases give you some info, a starting point about locating info about a person.

The point of this post is to point out that both DiplomacyMonitor and ZoomInfo cache each page in their database. So, for example, if a government puts out a news release and then removes it, there is a chance that DiplomacyMonitor has cached it on their servers. You might also find a cached web page about a person that might have changed or been removed from the web.

So, bottom line, two new additions for your list of search tools that locally cache web pages.

See Also: More Sources for Cached Pages (via Search Engine Showdown)


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