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Saturday, 29th September 2007

GoogleAppsApis.com & 3DMaptour.com: New & Transferred Domains from Google and Microsoft

New and Transferred Domains From Google and Microsoft

No slowdown this week in recently registered and transfered domains from Google and Microsoft. Here's our weekly roundup.

New Domains--Google

Transferred Domains--Google
GooglePhotos.com (transferred)
Until this week the domain was registered to a person in China. It's a domain with a long history and several owners. Nothing is visible when we tried to reach this page during the past day or so.

New Domains--Microsoft
+ 3DMaptour.com., net
+ 3Dmaptour.net
+ 3Dmaptours.com, .net
+ 3Daptours.net
+ 3Dsb.com
+ Hazmasvivemas.com, .net, .org
+ Imaginezlasuite.com
+ Cycle-on.org
+ Idbyphone.com. .net
+ Innovateonmobile.com, .net, .org
+ Innovateonwindowsmobile.com, .net, .org
+ Mssharepointcareers.com, .net, .org
+ Microsoftstudentconnect.com, .net, .org
+ Microsoftsharepointacademy.com. net, .org
+ Microsoftsharepointjobs.com, .net
+ Miolopppod.net
+ Mioluatpod.net
+ Mssharepointjobs.org
+ Mssharepointcareers.com, .net
+ Mssharepointjobs.com, .net

Transferred Domains--Microsoft
+ Access2007help.com, .net, .org, biz, .us
+ Excel2007help.com, .net, .org, biz, .us
+ Antispymobile.com
+ Bestantispymobile.com
+ Excelfordummies.com
+ Excelreader.com
+ Fullcoms.com
+ Gatesproperty.com
+ IDbyphone.org
+ Latest-soft.com
+ Microsoftoffice2007.com, net, .org, biz, .us
+ Microsoftoutlook2007.com, net, .org, biz, .us
+ Microsoftpowerpoint2007.biz, .net, .org, .us
+ Microsoft-service.com
+ Msnbilling.us
Previously registered to someone in Virginia
+ MomAgents.com
+ Mscionetwork.com, net, org
+ Msexcel2007.info
+ Msoutlook2007.info
+ Mspowerpoint2007.info
+ Msword2007.info
+ Msndownloads.net
+ Mspublishing.com
+ Mssites.com
+ Mstrainer.com
+ Office2005.com
+ Office2007pro.info
+ Officepro2007.info
+ Officems.com
+ Search-msn.com, .net
+ Secure-msn.info
Previously registered to someone in Utah.
+ Skydrive.biz
+ Visualbasicsucks.com
+ Visualc.net
+ Widowsxp.com
+ Win2kmanual.com
+ 2007pro.com, .net, .org, biz, .us, .info
+ Wwwxboxcheats.com

See Also: A Busy Time With New and Transferred Domains. Here are Links to the Last 3 Reports.
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