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Saturday, 29th September 2007

Bibliographic Tool: Mark of Zotero and Library of Congress Zotero Presentation

Mark of Zotero
Zotero is a tool for storing, retrieving, organizing, and annotating digital documents. It has been available for not quite a year. I started using it about six weeks ago, and am still learning some of the fine points, but feel sufficient enthusiasm about Zotero to recommend it to anyone doing research online. If very much of your work involves material from JSTOR, for example – or if you find it necessary to collect bibliographical references, or to locate Web-based publications that you expect to cite in your own work — then Zotero is worth knowing how to use. (You can install it on your computer for free; more on that in due course.)
Still, it seems as if institutions that do not currently do so might want to offer tutorials on Zotero for faculty and students who may lack whatever gene makes for an intuitive grasp of software. Academic librarians are probably the best people to offer instruction. Aside from being digitally savvy, they may be the people at a university in the best position to appreciate the range of uses to which Zotero can be put.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

See Also: Zotero (Video Presentation at the Library of Congress), Recorded June 11, 2007.

See Also: We First Posted a Zotero Overview 11 Months Ago on November 13, 2006.


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