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Friday, 31st August 2007

Briefs: Google News in licensing deals with wire services

+ Google News in licensing deals with wire services (via News.com)

The partners, which include Britain's Press Association, Canadian Press, Agence France-Presse and the Associated Press of the United States, will have their stories featured with the organizations' own brands on Google News-hosted landing pages.

The article goes on to say that this should help cut down on duplicate stories. That's good news! The issue is what metric will be used to determine a dupe? Some versions of let's say an AP story might be 750 words while others might run a 450 word version. From a business angle it will be interesting to see how news sources that run AP content (for example) deal with their site not getting the notice it once did. Of course, AP, AFP and many news organizations have "deals" with Yahoo (nicely organized page) (in addition to its own crawl of news sources). Dow Jones MarketWatch also offers content from many sources. Nice advanced search interface.
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Well organized and updated all of the time. You can even see a color-coded feed of each article as it enters the database. Also note how each item contains a flag showing where the news source is located.
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