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Thursday, 30th August 2007

Librarians (U.S.): Highlights from ALA Salary Survey

Librarian Salary Survey reports median librarian salary up 2.8 percent to $57,809 in 2007; non-MLS position salaries also reported

Analysis of data from more than 800 public and academic libraries showed the mean salary for librarians with ALA-accredited Master’s Degrees increased 2.8 percent from 2006, up $1,550 to $57,809. The median ALA MLS salary was $53,000. Salaries ranged from $22,048 to $225,000.

For the first time the non-MLS salary survey data, including 62 non-MLS positions, reported salaries for staff employed as librarians but who do not have ALA-accredited Master’s Degrees in Library Science. Non-MLS salaries ranged $10,712 to $143,700. Both printed surveys also indicate the minimal educational requirement for each position.

Source: ALA

See also: ALA-APA Rural Library Staff Salary Survey (PDF; 216 KB)
Source: ALA Committee on Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds


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