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Thursday, 30th August 2007

Briefs: Newberry Library Acquires Rare Maps From Boeing; Google Adds New Personalized SMS Feature

+ Newberry Library Acquires Rare Maps From Boeing

+ Google Adds Personalized SMS Feature

Personalized SMS saves you time by saving your location. We'll automatically save your most frequently used location for future queries. You can also text 'set location' followed by a city & state or zip to save a new location.

This can be very useful if you're always in the same city or location. However, SMS is also useful to business people, travelers and others who move from one city to the next. In that case, like other services, you'll need to physically change the location or search by entering a new location, let's say for a restaurant. We did find this official announcement but found nothing about how many times/searches it takes for that location to become your default location.
+++ See Also: 4INFO.net's App Offers Location Setting You can also save locations (movies, weather, etc.). without the app. More shortcuts here.
+++ Yahoo SMS and Shortcuts Text "Shortcuts"
+++ Live.com SMS and Shortcuts


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