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Wednesday, 29th August 2007

Microsoft's Virtual Earth Updated With Lots of New/Updated Imagery & 3D Options

Updated Ortho Imagery

In the US much of this data fills out the outlying areas around cities where we have previously published super high res imagery from 3DI with imagery from GlobeXplorer. There is also a lot of 1M satellite imagery from GeoEye around the world. Paris now has very nice aerial imagery in Virtual Earth from Interatlas and our level 18 imagery in Japan has been refreshed.

The following is take from a list at the bottom of this blog post:

+ Over 25 areas in the U.S. using GlobeExplorer Imagery
A specific date is not provided but the year the imagery was created is listed.

+ 1m Aerial Imagery from GeoEye added for over 30 locations around the world. Including:
++ Canberra, AU
++ Mt. Everest
++ Auckland, New Zealand
++ St Petersburg, Russia

In addition to all of this new or updated imagery, more 3D content has become availabel for VE.
At the bottom of this post, you'll see a list of new cities/regions added over the summer.
A few of the many cities include:
+ Hamilton, ON
+ Toronto, ON
+ Orlando
+ New Orleans
+ Brooklyn
and MANY more.

Finally, VE now offers Bird's Eye" imagery for more European cities.
A few of the cities now available include:
+ Luton, UK
+ Marbella, Spain
+ Berlin, Germany
+ Göteborg, The Netherlands
+ Athens, Greece
Links to demo "Bird's Eye" for major European cities, here.
Here's a "Bird's Eye" view of Venice, IT. The white colored building, top and right, is the train station. Enjoy your "Birds Eye" tour of Venice.


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