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Monday, 13th August 2007

Health-Related Smart Answers Debut on Ask.com

These new smart answers run from Ask.com* run the gamut from diseases to prescription drugs, to First Aid, and much more.

Here's the official news release.

Fast Facts:
+ Like other Smart Answers, the content is clearly visible at the top of a result page,

+ Many Health-Related smart answers provide content from multiple established and respected sources of health information including HealthLine. Healthline has also licensed content from Gale including the
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine and the Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders.

A quick review at some types of Health Smart Answers:

+ News Related: Bird Flu
Note the various sources listed You also see how the snippet in the Smart Answer often changes depending on the query. Compare the general query with this one for Bird Flu Treatment.

+ Prescription Drugs: Prozac
and Prozac Dosage. Again, the snippet text is different. Also, note how the brand name is converted automatically to the generic name. Another example, this time for an over-the-counter medicine: Advil.

+ Vitamins are also included. For example, Vitamin A.

+ Surgery: Kidney Transplant
Note the cut-away images and the link to the Healthline image gallery.

+ Parts of the body: Eyes: Astigmatism and Ptosis.

+ Feet: Onychocryptosis (Aka ingrown toenail)

+ Skin: Seborrheic Dermatitis

+ Mental Health: Depression

+ Their are also Health Smart Answer section labeled First Aid. Try, Snake Bite or Fainting.

Btw, a search for First Aid by itself will provide the searcher with a drop down menu of all First Aid Smart Answers.

Many Smart Answers also include other Ask.com features like Zoom Related Information and images.

Of course, the more choices the better when it comes to health information and the many tools at MedlinePlus are another "must have" for your medical research kit. Recently, we've also posted a couple of items about a new venture from Steve Case named Revolution Health.

See Also: Americans increasingly turn to Web for health data (via ComputerWorld)

*Note: Gary is Director of Online Information Resources at Ask.com


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