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Friday, 10th August 2007

Briefs: Google Ends Video Sales/Rental Service; Library Educators Honored with Induction Into SLA Hall of Fame

+ Google Shutsdown Video Sales Service
The service that debuted in January, 2006 is no more. This was the service that offered episodes of The Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, and NBA Basketball for sale. Remember, a Google Video user had to be online (connected to Google) to view a purchased video. The letter (here's a copy of a letter from ResourceShelf's Pete Weiss) that videos purchased will no longer be viewable and, "store credit to people who bought videos...you have spend an amount equal to the “credit” in order to get your credit." Here's the TechCrunch post with a copy of the e-mail letter from Google. Their is no mention of the shutdown on the Google Video Group at this time. Also, some of the Google Video purchase help pages are also still online
+++ See Also: Gary's Search Engine Watch post from Jan. 9, 2006 and Danny Sullivan's post from Jan. 6, 2006
+++ Screen Caps of Google Video Home Pages with Content For Sale 1 ||| 2
+++ See Also: Movielink, a Movie Download Service, Was Just Purchased by Blockbuster.

+ Library Educators Honored with Induction Into SLA Hall of Fame

+ KDD-2007 Conference [ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining] Goes Beyond Data; Data Mining Experts Explore Movie Rating, Social Networks, Web and Text Mining, Bioinformatics, Privacy

Program highlights include renowned experts in the data mining field. Among the speakers are Professor Jon Kleinberg of Cornell University, a MacArthur "Genius" Grant winner, on challenges in mining social network data (Monday, August 13); Dr. Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Officer for Yahoo!, on inventing new sciences underlying the Internet (Tuesday, August 14); and Chris Anderson, Editor-in- Chief of Wired magazine, on calculating latent demand in the "Long Tail", a term he coined to describe certain business and economic models that reflect the growth of niche markets (Wednesday, August 15).

Direct to KDD Web Site

+ Google's Ambition Strikes A Nerve In Campaign Season (via Dow Jones)


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