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Monday, 30th July 2007

Making Your Telephone (any phone) and Even More Important Information Sharing, Dissemination, and Storage Tool

We mentioned these sources about a month ago and the response we received via email was strong. So, we would post again and also add links to many of our other telephone posts.

We continue to use as many of the following services as possible so we can find the pluses and minuses of each. Try them all. What works for us might not work for you. Choice is good. Btw, perfect material here for a demo or a "brown bag" for your organization. Some of the conversion services (voice to text) use both human transcription and speech-to-text technology.

1) CallWave (Free)
Receive voice mail messages as text (SMS) messages. This post has more about personalizing the CallWave/Vtxt Greeting.

2) SpinVox
Convert voicemail to text. Speak your message, have it delivered as a text message to a group of people.

3) Reqall (Free)
Leave your self "audio notes." Call to listen to them, sent as text email reminders, etc.

4) Jott (Free)
Mobile notes, group messaging, etc.

5) PrivateCaller (Free)
Get a local number (all area codes) for incoming voice mail. Check your voicemail online or on the web (as an audio file).

6) numbr (Free)
Receive a temporary (auto expiring) and anonymous phone number for a selected period (day, week, month) of time. You tell numbr where to forward the calls to. Many other features. For example, don't except calls from blocked Caller IDs, Do not disturb from xPM to xAM, and several others.

See Also: What Time is It? Accessing the Precise Time by Telephone & Other Tools

See Also: Free International Long Distance from the U.S. and Canada

See Also: Home Prices, Info and Estimates Delivered via SMS
From HouseFront and Zillow Mobile.

See Also: Voice activated directory assistance services and other voice activated resources.
We have found 1-866-MY-TRAFC to be useful right before we hit the road. The service will even call you when traffic reaches a certain level.

See Also: PhoneCasting, CellCasting, MobileCasting
Listen to "podcasts" over the phone. Services like UpSnap and PhoneCasting.com work with any phone. Extra bandwidth and tools not needed. Just dial a number a listen. For example, to listen to The Onion Radio News dial: 1(832) 532-0435 or diggnation at 1(408) 538-2141. While this may seem not something for the tech geek, it makes accessing podcasts and other audio content very easy for the non-geeks (most people) out there. As I think Greg Linden would say, this method is "grandma ready."


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