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Friday, 29th June 2007

AOL Mobile Makes Tweaks to WAP Homepage; Say Hello to Promos and Categories

During the past couple of days we've noticed a tweak or two on the AOL Mobile WAP home page at: http://wap.aol.com/portal/.

Here's a screen cap of the of the AOL WAP home page from about a week ago.

What's New?

First, you'll now see a promo button at the top of the page for AOL services. We've noticed promos for AOL E-Mail and MapQuest.

Second, various services on the page are now placed in categories. The local category consists of:
+ MapQuest
+ CityGuide
+ Moviefone
+ Weather

The information category includes:
+ News
+ Money & Finance
+ Sports
+ My AOL Favorites

Finally, the "Fun" category consists of:
+ Entertainment
+ AOL Pictures
+ Horoscope
+ AIM Pages

Again, the live home page is here. In case you're unable to access it, a screen cap (of the page as seen on June 30th) is available here.


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