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Friday, 29th June 2007

A Selection of Recently Published Patent Applications from Microsoft: From Factoid Search to Ad Keyword Cross-Selling; Del.icio.us Patent App Published

Bill Slawski and the others at Search Engine Land do a great job of covering newly awarded and/or recently published patents apps. It's a must to monitor. Of course, we've been tracking patents and patent apps on RS for a long time and every now and then we still like to take a look at the USPTO dbase. In the past few weeks we've noticed a bunch of interesting Published Patent APPLICATIONS (not awarded patents) from Microsoft.

+ Advertising keyword cross-selling

+ Inferred relationships from user tagged content

+ Factoid-based searching

+ Power filter for online listing service

+ Context-based key phrase discovery and similarity measurement utilizing search engine query logs

+ Search By Document Type And Relevance

+ Search By Document Type

and on a Yahoo patent note...A month ago, Yahoo had a patent application published for tagging/Del.icio.us) technology.

As you'll see, Del.icio.us founder, Joshua Schachter, is listed as a co-inventor.

Patent Title: Method and apparatus for tagging data
Inventors: Joshua Schachter (Mountain View, CA); Albert Wenger; (Scarsdale, NY)
The application was filed with the USPTO on October 25, 2006. Yahoo acquired Del.icio.us on December 9, 2005.

Worth noting that this application "is a continuation-in-part of U.S. applications" entitled "System And Method For Selecting Advertising" by J. Schachter, et al. filed Sep. 20, 2005.
Published March 22, 2007.


System And Method For Selecting Advertising In A Social Bookmarking System" by J. Schachter, et al. filed Nov. 14, 2005.
Published March 22, 2007

Source: USPTO


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